Solana Migration Note

Now all the problems that cannot be registered are basically related to solana migration. Unable to register because our update is not fully complete.
First of all, We would like to express my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused when registering amp500.
What We need to tell you is that we are currently upgrading the software and amp500 system firmware according to the migration of solana. This process may need to be completed in the middle of May, please be patient.If you are still unable to complete the settings after the update in May is completed, we can process a return for you and bear the relevant costs. You can also process the return now, but we hope you can wait until the update is released in May! Thank you for your understanding!

Focusing on designing and building wireless LoRaWAN gateway devices for the Helium network, we created Aitek Miners - lightweight gateway devices with a gorgeous icy-crystal-like exterior. It allows anyone to effectively mine and earn HNT token by simply deploying it in your home or office.